Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing 21: Podcasting

This was sooo much fun. I can see me using this to create things for my kids as both introductions to new units and for review prior to tests. Just adding the music is so cool -they would much rather here that than me! I found Audacity harder to use that PhotoStory and was pleased to see that photo story was so easy to use! I did have some issues getting it to download into the blog.

Blog Id:6524143606695806888Video Id:6d749396d9f8bc7d is reported evertime so I will continue to try.


Grendel said...

That happened to three of us just this week! :( We did get Audacity to work, but we couldn't upload the podcast. We are still working on it. I have heard PhotoStory is easier. P.S. I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the picture of Ireland. Looks so green and cool!

jchoy said...

I could not get my photostory to load to my blog... so I gave up and just did a podcast. Are you uploading your podcast onto switchpod first? You need to do that, then switchpod will give you a URL - you put that in your blog.