Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 2

Wordle vs Wordsift. I so liked Wordle! I think my students could use this in math class to create vocabulary that they would like much better than the traditional sheets or puzzles. If they are required to create definitions that are art of the poster they will be creatively creating their own vocabulary!
Glogster and Voice Thread are different enough to be appealing different students. I am not sure that all will be savvy enough to and Voice Threads and am not certain all would like the glogster but both offer collaboration that rocks!
Animoto is cool. Imagine a project that kids can take all their photos and set them to music! I can not imagine a student who wouldn't like to play with it!
Bokr! I love this - what a great way to take a report and dice it up. The kids can all make it totally their own! I think this would work for my own travel journal while out exploring on a road trip A few minutes each night to add a page? Cool!


VWB said...

hope you will post a sample or two of some of these things.

P.S. all of our avatars are playing and hide and seek with us this summer...there is a problem with the html code and the blog...if you go back to the Yahoo avatar site, you can save your avatar as a picture and then use a picture gadget in the blog to let "you" show!

or maybe make a voki for this summer!

shikonyac said...

I love Wordle and was thinking the same thing. We could use it for vocabulary words. I made up a Wordle really quickly for addition. Check it out! Calloway told me that there is another program to use to make the words in shapes. I will get back to you on that one. I believe she has it on her blog.